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About Our Tiltup Lifting Inserts

Tiltup Lifting Inserts 150mm - Hot Dipped Galvanised

Tiltup lifting inserts or anchors - Hot Dipped Galvanised

The RMCS Tiltup Lifting Insert or Anchor is a high-strength, forged anchor that is used in face-lift Tiltup applications.

It has a solid base to hold the lifting insert in place at all times. It has a removable recess or void former, to create a perfect recess for our Lifting Ring Clutch. The antennae allows for easy location of the Tiltup Lifting Inserts after polishing the concrete element. The 18mm bar allows for two rebars to be placed for secure fixing of the lifting insert.

Designed for concrete element thickness of 150mm.

High Capacity - 5 Ton

Tiltup lifting inserts with base and recess former
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