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Our Scaffolding Omega Clip

Scaffolding Omega Clip

Our Omega Clip is used to join scaffolding together. The pin goes into the joining hole of the scaffolding to keep the scaffolding together and the clip keeps the pin in place.

Clip made from Nylon Plastic and Pin made from Stainless Steel

Pin Length: 75mm

Pin Diameter: 10mm

Clip Opening: 42mm

Clip Inside Diameter: 62mm

Pin Ring Width: 26mm

Our Quality Electroplated Scaffolding Base Jacks (750mm - 4,3 Kgs)

Base Jacks, Andaime Base de Jack

Rebar, Mesh and Construction Supplies (Pty) Ltd supplies quality Scaffolding Base Jacks and Base Jack Sole Boards.

Our 750mm base jacks are manufactured by metalurgical professionals at our sophisticated production facility. The weld of the plate to the stem as well as the heavy duty Base Jack Nuts for Scaffolding of our Base Jacks are subjected to the most stringend test at our testing facility before they are released into the market.

Specifications of the Stem (Pipe)
Length; 750mm
Size: Ø38mm x 4mm X 4TPI
Material: S-275
Process: Roll Threading
Surface Finish: Electrogalvanized

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