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About Our Lifting Eyes or Eye Bolts

Lifting Eye or Eye Bolt Specifications

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  • Eye bolt made with precision forging, from a special alloy steel. 
  • High precision performance is achied with a special heat treatment process. 
  • The force angle of the link ring is automatically adjusted when it is pulled in a direction. 
  • The working tensile strength is the same in any direction. The safety factor is 4:1. 
  • The surface is coated with an expoxy resin, which effectively prevents corrosion. 
  • Allen Key and hex nut which allows the eye bolt to be tightened properly. 
  • A wide range of swivel eye bolts are available - M8 to M48, 0.3 to 12.0 Tons Working lifting load. 
  • Metric threaded eye bolts are kept in stock, but UNC, UNF, BSW, etc. threads can be made available on request. 
  • Suitable for deep and through holes. 

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Eye Bolt or Lifting Eye Dimension Tables

jpg/eye bolt or lifting eye dimension table.jpg   jpg/eye bolts or lifting eyes dimension table.jpg


Eye Bolts or Lifting Eyes Lifting Scheme

jpg/eye bolts or lifting eyes lifting scheme.jpg


Eye Bolts or Lifting Eyes Product Parameters

jpg/eye bolts or lifting eyes product parameters.jpg

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