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About Our Scaffold Hoists or Brick Baskets

Our Brick Basket / Scaffold hoist are the perfect way to hoist bricks, cement and other building materials safely up to floors of a multi-level structure.

Outer dimensions:
1,220mm (L) x 1,010mm (W) x 788mm (H)
Inner dimensions:
1,130mm (L) x 920mm (W) x 640mm (H)

SABS Tested
SABS test carried out on one 850 kilogram SWL double skin polyethylene pallet bin (scaffold hoist) with a foam filled cavity to 1,25 times the SWL of 850 kilograms, ie. 1,062,5 kilograms.

Method of test
- The load was determined using a 100 kN HBM load cell and overhead crane.
- The pallet bin (scaffold hoist) was suspended and load applied to the bin via sand until the   required prood load of 1,062 kilograms was attained.
- Visual examination was carried out during and after the application of the load to detect
  visible defects.

The pallet bin (scaffold hoist) was subjected to a load of 1,077 kilograms ie. > 1,25 times the SWL OF 850 kilograms, without incurring any visible deformation.

Products from Rebar, Mesh and Construction Supplies (Pty) Ltd have been used in some of the largest projects in South Africa and the African Continent.

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