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About Our THL Lifting Loops for Lifting Sockets

THL Lifting Loops

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Threaded Lifting Loops can be used with all sizes of threaded inserts. They are the most economic lifting loops and are suitable for most applications. They are not suitable for turning/pitching. They may be reused subject to the inspection procedure, detailed below, but they are not recommended for severe reuse conditions. Threaded Lifting loops should only be attached to the unit after the concrete strength has reached 15 N/mm. In some cases it may be economic and practical to leave the loops with the unit until final installation.

Threaded Lifting Loops are manufactured from high grade steel wire, swaged in a steel ferrule and finished with zinc plating. They are clearly marked with their SWL. The thread type is Rd/M, which is compatible with both metric and Rd inserts. Threaded Lifting Loops are suitable for use with inserts cast in flush with the face of the unit, or recessed by using the recess formers.

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Lifting at an angle greater than 45 degrees is not allowed.

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