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About Our Lifting Clutches Type TH for T Anchors

Lifting Clutch Type TH - Electro Plated

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The capacity loads are axial with breakage safety factor equal to 5 for all types of lifting clutches (1,3 ton up to 32 ton). The Spherical Head Lifting Clutch comes in 6 different load groups. 1,3 to 32 ton, to suit the load carrying range of ALL TYPES OF LIFTING ANCHORS with spherical-heads.

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Spherical Head Lifting Clutch - Tested for 3 x working load

Instructions for the use of Spherical Head Lifting Clutches

Lifting and Turning

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The Spherical Head Lifting Clutch is constructed in a way that an unintended coupling off (even without tension by a lifting device) is impossible. On lifting, attention must be paid that the lip is in the direction of the tension being applied.

The Spherical Head Lifting Clutch is suitable for lifting in all directions (axial, diagonal, and lateral tension).

On turning of units, special attention must be paid to the lip position of the Spherical Lifting Head Clutch. The lip must always be in the be in the direction of the Tension (See picture 3).

spherical head lifting clutch table.jpg

Releasing the Spherical Head Lifting Clutch

To release the Spherical Head Lifting Clutch the tension on the clutch must be removed. Thereafter the Spherical Head Lifting Clutch can be released, by turning the handle in the opposite direction to the lip (See picture4).

Corrosion Protection

Corrosion protection can be increased by installing the Spherical Head Anchor in a sunken position. The recess former must be installed to ensure the functionality of the Spherical Head Anchor according to these installation instructions and must have the minimum dimentions in accordance with table 2 here below.

Dimensions for sunken assembly

The Spherical Head Lifting Clutch counts as a lifting device and is therefor subject to regular inspection (at least once a year - BGR 600 Section 2.8). This must be executed by an expert and it is the responsibilty of the user.

Particular safety procedures and regulations must be followed to extend the lifespan and durability of the Spherical Head Lifting Clutch. The right hook size and form should always be checked and be ensured.

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