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About Our MG20B Rebar Bender

MG20B rebar bender, vergalhões bender

MG20B 220 Volt Mechanical Rebar Bending Machines
The MG20B Rebar Bender is very operator friendly and extremely easy to use. At a light weight of 59 kilograms, it is portable and can be moved around quite easily.

Rebar Bending is achieved via mechanical power transfer. The control system consists of an electrical automation system. This system enables the operator to make bending angle adjustments. Bending can be controlled manually or automativally and three bending angles can be pre-set at any one point in time.

MG20B Specifications
 Width  45 cm
 Length  60 cm
 Height  32 cm
 Motor Power  1,1 kw
 Operating Volts  220/230V
 Motor Frequency  50 Hz
 Weight  59Kgs

MG20B Bending Capacity
 Steel Strength  Rebar Ømm & Number of Bars
 45 kg/mm²  Ø20 x 1     Ø16 x 1     Ø12 x 3     Ø10 x 4
 65 kg/mm²  Ø16 x 1     Ø12 x 2     Ø10 x 3     Ø8 x 4
 85 kg/mm²  Ø12 x 1     Ø10 x 2     Ø8 x 3       Ø6 x 5

MG20B Standard Equipment
 2 Straight Pin
 1 Fixed Pin
 1 Fixed Shim
 3 Strirrup Heads
 3 Bending Sleeves
 3 Switch Pins
 1 Zero Adjustment Pin
 1 Foot Pedal
 1 Table
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