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Brick Basket / Scaffold Hoist

"AAA" - Level Two Contributor
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Our Brick Basket / Scaffold hoist are the perfect way to hoist bricks, cement and other building materials safely up to floors of a multi-level structure.

Outer dimensions:
1,220mm (L) x 1,010mm (W) x 788mm (H)
Inner dimensions:
1,130mm (L) x 920mm (W) x 640mm (H)

SABS Tested
SABS test carried out on one 850 kilogram SWL double skin polyethylene pallet bin (scaffold hoist) with a foam filled cavity to 1,25 times the SWL of 850 kilograms, ie. 1,062,5 kilograms.

Method of test
- The load was determined using a 100 kN
  HBM load cell and overhead crane.
- The pallet bin (scaffold hoist) was
  suspended and load applied to the bin via   sand until the required prood load of
  1,062 kilograms was attained.
- Visual examination was carried out during   and after the application of the load to
  detect visible defects.

The pallet bin (scaffold hoist) was subjected to a load of 1,077 kilograms ie. > 1,25 times the SWL OF 850 kilograms, without incurring any visible deformation.